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Ozell Elizabeth

Owner + Founder

Ozell's Animal Care is a Petaluma-born business, owned and operated by Ozell Elizabeth, and currently serves Sonoma and Marin counties. With almost a decade of professional experience, study and knowledge in the animal care industry, Ozell provides a variety of services including: Behavioral Counseling for cats and dogs, Dog Training, Animal Care (for any species), and she makes organic cat & dog treats. Ozell also has over a decade of extensive training and study in the Healing Arts, doing energy healing and intuitive readings for both humans and animals. 


Ozell has had a passion for animals since she was a very young child and grew up around a wide variety of fur, feathered, scaled and hoofed species. Knowing she wanted to work with animals one day, she later went on to establish her own business in 2017, and advocates for equal partnership and reciprocity in relation to our animal friends.


As a natural intuitive, Ozell uses a holistic approach when working with her animal and human clients - tuning into the physical, emotional, mental and energetic components that are causing disruption, and then provides tools and action steps to help overcome it.  With her Behavior and Training work, Ozell has helped guide many clients through their challenges with a deeper understanding of their animal kin, and their behaviors, as well as their own personal influence upon them.


Ozell also has a particular bent towards natural and holistic healthcare, as well as considerable knowledge in diet and nutrition (for cats and dogs), and non-toxic alternatives to a variety of common products we use on our animals. All of which affects behavior directly, and is very often overlooked. She will educate and provide resources as needed.

"I am profusely inspired by the Animal Kingdom and the abilities our fellow friends embody with such ease. They live life fully in the present, display unconditional love and forgiveness and demonstrate an authenticity that is too often lacking in the human world. As I embark along my own journey of Life, I seek to embody these same qualities, and I give my utmost gratitude to ALL of the animals, on land and sea, as they have been and continue to be my greatest teachers. So, it truly is an honor to work with and care for your animal companions!" ~Ozell

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.” - Ghandi

Ozell's Animal Care offers handmade 'Organic Cat & Dog Treats'

Perfect for training or as a healthy snack!

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