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Readings & Healings are available for both animals and people!

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Growing up, I would often experience and perceive things that “couldn’t be explained” and others around me couldn't see or feel. Not understanding what was happening to me, but fascinated, I developed a curiosity about the "paranormal" - reading books and watching whatever I could get my hands on. As I got older, I could feel a part of me, deep within, yearning for more. Wanting to go deeper. At the time, I didn't know what this feeling inside of me meant but I decided to follow it, and in doing so, it led me to the world of energy and Spirit. It is here that I began to learn about my "abilities" and that it is something we are all born with, but most lose touch with, due to social and cultural programming.


Fast forward, and the last 12 years, I have fully immersed myself in the Healing Arts: learning, studying and training in various energy healing modalities and techniques, as well as intuitive readings, for both humans and animals. My studies and internal work are ongoing, and continues to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the Animal Kingdom, our human and spiritual nature, as well as how the mental mind works, how patterns of behavior develop, why we often get stuck within them and much much more.

With a passion for self-growth and healing, I can assist and support my human clients along their own journey of healing, and can provide a deeper understanding, as well as next steps, to any hurdles they wish to overcome. 

We've all got pain and we're all struggling in some way. In order to bring Balance and Wholeness to these places within, one must be willing to face and work through their discomforts, and be open to newness, To change. To actively making different choices. It is in this process, that true healing takes place and we evolve our consciousness.

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