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All breeds and ages are welcome!

This page is specifically for basic and advanced puppy & dog training (see whats included below).

If you are experiencing very specific behavioral issues such as leash reactivity, aggression, fear based behaviors etc..

I offer private in-home training sessions and we will also meet at specific locations depending on what we're working on. Client will be expected to commit to daily practice of the tools/techniques learned so that each week, we can progress to the next level. Once your dog has mastered his/her new skills, maintaining these skills will need to be refreshed regularly. 


 Dog training takes time, patience, repetition and consistency. 


Personally, I believe dog training should be FUN and EXCITING for both you and your furry friend! The more we can show up with enthusiasm and playfulness, the more eager and engaged our canine companions will be to learn new tricks, and the quicker they will internalize what's being taught. So make it a game! They will be happy to play and it will only deepen and strengthen your bond. 

Please note: I do not participate in, or encourage methods, that involve negative reinforcement, yelling, punishment, dominance or "Alpha Theory", control or fear/intimidation tactics. This also includes the use of prong collars, shock collars, choke collars, citronella collars, muzzles, head harnesses, spray bottles, can shakers etc.. These methods are not necessary or effective as the animal is not actually learning anything other than to be afraid of you. It will create a fearful, stressed, confused and unhappy dog, which will then result in behavioral issues down the road (aggression is common), as well as a damaged relationship between the two of you.


Training sessions can include...

  • Leash pulling & loose leash walking

  • Off leash walking

  • Sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, wait, leave-it, drop it

  • Impulse control

  • Recall (come when called)

  • Jumping & front door manners

  • Distraction & attention redirection

  • Bite inhibition

  • Desensitization 

  • Mental stimulation games

  • Puppy management: potty training, biting, chewing, destruction 

  • Socialization

  • Canine nutrition + species appropriate diets  

  • Natural and non-toxic alternatives to flea/tick and heart-worm prevention

  • Environmental enrichment suggestions (inside the home, backyard etc)

  • Holistic veterinary care recommendations

*I do not offer crate training.*

I offer a free 15 min phone consultation


60 min = $125

90 min = $150

*First time sessions are 90 min*


If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, kindly provide 24-hour notice.


If canceled less than 24-hours, there will be a 100% charge.

Missed appointments will be charged at 100%



Commitment of (2) 60 min sessions per consecutive week

4 sessions = $450 ($50 savings!)

2 week duration

6 sessions = $675 ($75 savings!)

3 week duration

8 sessions = $900 ($100 savings!)

4 week duration

Non-refundable early drop-out fee = $75

*Homework will be provided after each session.

Packages can be bought once or multiple times!



Payment for single sessions and packages are due upon booking to reserve the appointment(s) and an invoice will be sent.

If you are struggling financially, please reach out. Payment plans are available.


All rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

To book a single session or package:

please contact or...

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