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I specialize in cats and dogs

If you are experiencing specific behavioral challenges with your animals, are unsure of how to handle certain situations that arise, have questions or are looking to better understand your animals’ behaviors, needs and what they are trying to communicate to you - I can help bring awareness to these situations and guide you in the direction towards a solution. My goal is to establish a deeper sense of trust, communication, understanding and harmony between humans and animals within the home.

My approach to addressing the behavioral "issues" we see in our animals is to first educate the human on what is causing or triggering the behavior to manifest, and from there, we can implement a plan of action to treat the root problem. Behavioral issues are often due to the animals needs not being met in some way. It can also be the result of a past/current trauma, or an imbalance that is happening on a neurological/physiological level. Ultimately, behavior is just a form of communication, oftentimes letting us know that something is amiss. 

I can assist you with

(and not limited to):


For cats specifically: litter-box issues, spraying in the house, scratching on furniture, counter surfing, excessive meowing + whatever other issues you may be experiencing.

For dogs specifically: separation anxiety. reactivity, leash aggression, digging, chewing, destroying things, counter surfing, excessive barking, urine marking (in home), resource guarding, herding behavior + whatever other issues you may be experiencing.

For both cats + dogs:

  • Aggression & fear based behaviors.

  • Human + animal relationship repair.

  • How to handle/respond to certain situations inside and/or outside of the home.

  • Problems/fighting between the animals' in your home.

  • Guidance on how to assist your animal companion(s) with PTSD.

  • How to accurately read your animals' body language and signals.

  • Play therapy - including physical and mental stimulation exercises/games.

  • Tips to help your animals' if you are moving or have just moved to a new place.

  • Tips on introducing new animals' into the home, with or without other animals/humans already in the home.

  • I also bring awareness and insight into the deeply rooted belief systems that humanity has subscribed to, which has damaged our relationship with the Animal Kingdom. I offer a different perspective and approach on how we can perceive and interact with our animal friends, helping you to develop and maintain a more meaningful relationship.

I can also assist with... 

  • Nutrition + species appropriate diets  

  • Natural and non-toxic alternatives to flea/tick and heart-worm prevention

  • Environmental enrichment suggestions (inside the home, backyard etc)

  • Holistic veterinary care recommendations

I offer a free 15 min phone consult

The first in-person session will consist of an overall evaluation, Q&A, a discussion on next steps and a treatment plan/schedule for moving forward. I will also spend some time building rapport and trust with your furry friend so I am better able to assist them during future sessions. 


60 - 90 min = $150

*First time sessions are 90 min*


If you need to cancel or reschedule, kindly provide 24-hour notice.


If canceled less than 24-hours, there will be a 100% charge.


Missed appointments will be charged at 100%



Remote sessions are available for anyone worldwide.

First session is about 60-75 min

Includes email report with links & resources

Cost = $150

Subsequent sessions = $2 per minute

We will set up weekly check-in sessions, and further guidance will be provided when appropriate.



Commitment of (2) 60-90 min sessions per consecutive week

For in-person clients only

4 sessions = $550 ($50 savings!)

2 week duration

6 sessions = $800 ($100 savings!)

3 week duration

8 sessions = $1,000 ($200 savings!)

4 week duration

Non-refundable early drop-out fee = $100

*Homework will be provided after each session.

Packages can be bought once or multiple times!



Payment for single sessions and packages are due upon booking to reserve the appointment(s) and an invoice will be sent.

If you are struggling financially, please reach out. Payment plans are available.


All rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

To book a session or package:

please contact or click here...


Animals are as uniquely individual as humans - each with diverse personalities, likes/dislikes, desires, preferences, tolerances, needs, proclivities, personal challenges and so much more! Caring for our animal friends is not a prescribed, one-size-fits-all process. If we wish to see our animal kin thrive and express themselves at their fullest potential, then it is important that we come to understand, respect and meet their needs as a unique individual on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level - honoring who they are as a being.

When we give them the space to Be exactly who they are, without superimposing our own fears, desires, expectations and belief systems on how we want or think they should be, behave, respond to us etc..... it unlocks the potential for a rich and thriving, reciprocal relationship. One they will greatly appreciate.

When an animals needs are being fully met - we won’t be faced with the many behavioral "issues" we see today...

The most fundamental aspect humans and animals have in common, is that we all just want to feel seen, loved and cared for.

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