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Are you struggling in some way? Feeling overwhelmed, lost, confused or stuck in a rut? Does an old pattern keep resurfacing that isn't serving you? Perhaps you're having a difficult time processing a traumatic event that happened at some point in your life... or... maybe you're just curious to explore your spiritual nature!


An intuitive (or clairvoyant) reading is simply a spiritual conversation with your Higher Self or Soul Self - a much larger aspect of you that holds a Wisdom about your life's path and purpose. Whatever challenges and/or uncertainties you are experiencing within yourself or in your life, or whatever questions you currently have, a reading can help you to see with deeper insight and shine the light on your next steps in moving forward.

Sessions can be done in-person (in Petaluma, CA) or remotely.

Readings can be recorded and sent to you as an MP3 afterwards.


Exchange = $65

Covers any topic of questions you may have (there are no limits!). We can also look at what you can do in your daily life to help bring you into Balance as well as your next steps to help implement what it is you are wanting to create for yourSelf.


Exchange = $45


Covers 1 or 2 questions you may have or can provide awareness and clarity on something specific you would like to address.


60 min

Exchange = $65

Covers any questions or concerns you may have regarding your animal companions. We will say hello to them on a spiritual level and receive their perspective on the situation at hand, as well as next steps to help bring Harmony and Balance to whatever that situation may be,


To heal means to bring OneSelf into Balance.

Everyday and everywhere we go, we are leaving behind bits of our own energy while at the same time, picking up a plethora of energies that don't belong to us. Without a daily and proper energy maintenance regime, and setting solid energetic boundaries with ourself, this will lead to depletion, exhaustion/fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, physical/emotional/mental health issues and so much more! As the gunk continues to pile on, our life-force slowly burns out.


Receiving a healing is like taking an energetic "shower" and is great to do on a regular basis to help keep your space clean and clear, so that you may experience yourSelf and your life with more Joy, Enthusiasm and Vitality!


60 min

Exchange = $65

Healing can be done hands-on or distantly.

A Hands-on-Healing is done on a massage table with sheets, and clothes on. We will work on balancing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, as well as your chakra system, meridians or energetic pathways, auric field, (and much more). We can also work on health issues, chronic pain, trauma and/or any special requests you may have. At completion of healing, you will receive a daily action step to help you to integrate and anchor the work we did. 

Session is done in Petaluma, CA.

A Distance Healing is the exact same as a Hands-on-Healing, just done remotely. We will schedule an appointment, and an email report will be sent to you afterwards. Great for non-local residents.

When booking, please confirm if you'd like a Hands-on-Healing, or a Distance Healing.

Energy healing is a powerful modality that allows for deep inner transformation to take place. It also complements other health & wellness modalities, therapies and any type of medical procedure, very well.


60 min

Exchange = $65

A 'space' healing is great to do on a regular basis to help clear out all the "muck" that piles up from our thoughts and emotions, as well as other people's "muck" that leaks its way into the space. 

If you just moved into a new home or office, getting a healing done on the space will help to clear out all the previous occupants energies, as well as any other residual energies still lingering around. This will free up the space for your flow of energy to be present, and will feel much more comfortable for you!

I can also set the space at a vibration (i.e sanctuary, peace, inspiration etc) that you'd like to feel when in your home/office/car. Please let me know what it is, at time of booking. I will provide some action steps you can do to help you hold this vibration.

Sessions are scheduled and done remotely, and an email report will be sent afterwards.


60 min

Exchange = $65

We will focus specifically on balancing your 7 major chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown), as well as the many smaller chakras throughout the body. We will also work on cleaning up your grounding cord (connection to earth), as well as realigning you with your Source, or highest potential.

The 7 major chakras are life-force centers that connect directly into the endocrine glands, each having a very specific function and purpose. When our chakras are out of balance, we experience many different things, such as: excess mental activity, anxiety, depression, fear, reactivity, health & digestion issues, sleep issues, overworking oneself, feeling stuck and stagnant, having trouble creating what we want, and much much more. How out of balance we are, will determine the severity of the symptoms. The chakras get out of balance on a regular basis due to life experiences and encounters (and are especially out of balance from the pandemic!!). Therefore, it's good to clean them up as often as possible to keep the energy moving so one can navigate their life with more balance, clarity and a sense of Self.


Session can be done in-person (in Petaluma, CA) or remotely. Please let me know at time of booking.





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