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Our animal companions release energy very well as they aren't congested with all the thoughts, emotions, belief systems and social programmings that we humans are. However, external energies can still get stuck in their space (most often it comes from us, the guardians) and can have a negative impact on them - physically, emotionally and behaviorally. Past traumas and experiences can also get stuck in their space. Healings can be helpful in bringing balance to these places and can also complement other health & wellness modalities very well, such as; acupuncture, chiropractic work, medical procedures & treatments.


Exchange = $50

Animal healings are done remotely, and includes all species! If you have more than one animal you'd like to receive a healing, please specify. Depending on number of animals, multiple sessions may be required.

Please let me know the nature of the healing you'd like to request, and what kind of animal(s).

I can also work on any health issues/concerns.

We will schedule an appointment and an email report will be sent to you afterwards.

Please note: Not all animals want to receive a healing. I will be communicating with them on a Soul level and if I receive this message, I won't be able to proceed. Having their permission is very important.

I will be in contact with you if this happens.


(end of life)



Please complete the form below to book a session.

I will be in touch with availability. 

Request received!

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