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"Perfect experience. Ozell gently and firmly steered our pandemic puppy toward being alert, attentive and very willing to learn. With her skill and professionalism she eased us over lots of puppy hurdles - our puppy adored her and we all learned very much. She is remarkably pleasant and cheerful while being resolutely confident with her dog handling - very very impressive. Her approach is gentle, intuitive, keenly respectful of the dog plus it is a stunningly effective approach. 5 stars and 10 barks from our household to Ozell. I'm a much better and more confident dog person from having worked with Ozell. She's punctual, responsive, professional and cheerful. Just perfect!"

"Ozell is the best! I so enjoyed working with her and so did my dog Kandie. Kandie was so responsive to Ozell and I totally appreciated her knowledge and patience. She is very calm and relaxed, I loved her approach. Looking forward to our next session."

— Ann B.

— Martha M.


"Ozell took care of my kitties, one of them special needs for a whole month while we were on vacation. Not only she took care of their feedings, cleaning litter boxes and medications but she also took time to bond with them, know them and their personalities and make sure they all transition fine while we were out. When I came back I found my cats happy and healthy and very much in love with her. She also helped keep an eye on my mother in law who was by herself at our place. I can't stress enough how good and professional Ozell is. She does care for those she looks after and not because of it just being a job but because she does really loves what she does. You won't regret having her as your most loved pets caretaker."

"Ozell's first experience with a parrot! When I introduced her to my Meyer's, I could see that it was "love at first sight" (my parrot is picky :). Ozell is kind, diligent, attentive to detail, accommodating and very, very good with creatures. I entrusted Seffie to her care without a worry. I was not disappointed. Will definitely work with Ozell again. Very happy!"

— Dawn-Dyhanna D.

— Vanessa A.

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